The Podiatry Centre; Providing Podiatry in Sutherland Shire Area for Over 20 years!

Podiatrists, Sutherland Shire

When most people think of Podiatrists and Sutherland Shire, we are proud to say that many patients think of us. The Podiatry Centre has been providing a range of podiatric services to the Sutherland Shire and surrounding areas for over 20 years! Whilst we continue to provide general foot, skin and nail assessments, we are also pleased to also be providing specialised diabetic neurovascular assessments, fungal nail laser therapy and shockwave therapy to assist with injury rehabilitation. Our team of podiatrists, Sutherland shire based, are all meticulously trained to work with the patients to ensure a unique treatment program is prepared for optimal results. No two podiatrists in Sutherland shire team are the same, so why should their podiatry care be? In our ongoing commitment to the community, The Podiatry Centre also offers BULK BILLING services for all new Enhanced Primary Care referrals for general podiatry care or screenings. Enhanced Primary Care plans (often referred to as EPC plans) are provided by your general practitioner and cover a range of CHRONIC health problems. A valid referral may entitle you to up to 5 bulk billed podiatry visits per referral cycle. We are firm believers in wider availability and accessibility of podiatry care for the Sutherland shire community. To gauge your eligibility for a referral, please contact your general practitioner or our clinic directly on 9525 8446.

Fungal Nail treatment by our Sutherland Shire Podiatry Team

Are you a Sutherland shire resident and have been unable to enjoy the beautiful beaches or parks due to discoloured nails? Have you noticed your nails becoming thickened? Has applying store bought, fungal nail remedies brought you no results no matter how much you apply or for how long? Well you are in luck! Our Sutherland Shire Podiatrists offer a potential solution which has been proven to yield better results than topical treatments alone. The Podiatry Centre now offers fungal laser therapy, a cutting-edge technology which is backed by scientific evidence to tackle ongoing fungal situations. Unfortunately, topical antifungal treatments tend to struggle to penetrate the thickened nail to reach the base of the fungus. Our therapeutic laser penetrates deeper into the nail to target the stubborn fungal spores. Although there is no magic solution for stubborn infections (typical infections may take up to 6 months to resolve), our laser system provides you with the best available chance of success.

Fungal laser therapy is generally a painless procedure where a podiatrist focuses a laser beam over the affected nail. The green light waves penetrate through the nail creating heat which denatures the proteins involved in the structure of the fungus whilst leaving the surrounding skin and nail unharmed. Total consult time with our Sutherland Shire podiatrists should not usually exceed 30mins and this procedure should be repeated 2-3 times for optimal results. It is important to note, that despite receiving the fungal laser therapy, patients must maintain optimal foot hygiene which includes leaving the shoes in the sun, changing socks daily, continual application of topical antifungal ointments and keeping feet dry. With summer around the corner, there is no better time to get this specialised podiatry treatment enabling you to enjoy all the beautiful spots that the Sutherland shire has to offer!

Shock Wave Therapy with our Sutherland Shire Podiatry Team

Shockwave therapy treatment is limited within the Sutherland Shire area. Fortunately, at The Podiatry Centre, our Sutherland Shire podiatrists use Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ECSWT) to manage and treat a range of tendon disorders, chronic muscular conditions and foot pain within the Sutherland Shire region. The Podiatry Centre prides itself on the successful application of shockwave therapy for treatment of plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and other foot related musculoskeletal pain.

The Sutherland shire has always had a rich culture of active people who enjoy the outdoors and may be involved in one or more regular sports. Be it for leisure, or competitive, injury can occur in anyone at any time. Our team of podiatrists have for years been committed to sports rehabilitation and injury/pain prevention and treatment for Sutherland shire residents, helping people achieve a return to pain free, active and happy lifestyles. Whether you are enjoying the walk along the boulevard at Cronulla or training for the Sutherland to Surf event, don’t let pain prevent you from enjoying all that the area has to offer. Our Sutherland Shire podiatrists can help! Our shockwave therapy machine assists in reducing acute and chronic inflammation, reduction of scar tissue, improvement in micro circulation and the stimulation of collagen; all aimed at creating an optimal healing environment. The combination of these factors allows you to feel pain relief and improve your functionality. Best of all, our shockwave therapy treatment is safe and non-invasive.

Shockwave therapy works by emitting an acoustic wave from a probe into painful areas and surrounding musculoskeletal regions. Shockwave therapy causes hyperaemia (an analgesic effect), which results in improved oxygen supply to muscle sites whilst increasing tensile strength of the surrounding ligament structures, causing a reduction in muscle tension and improved mobility.  Additionally, shockwave therapy assists in the removal of irritating agents and lactic acid, allowing energy return to damaged muscle.

One of our highly trained Sutherland Shire podiatrists will conduct an assessment prior to shockwave therapy commences. It is likely you will notice pain relief immediately after your first session, although this is dependent on the condition and region of pain. Our podiatrists will work closely with you to tailor make a program that is most likely to yield a positive result for you. This may include a set number of visits and/or an ongoing physical therapy program. Shockwave therapy provided by a podiatrist at The Podiatry Centre can be claimed through most private health funds. Sutherland shire residents no longer need to put up with pain, our podiatrists can help!

If you want to know more about any of our treatments or just want to discuss how our awesome team of podiatrists in Sutherland Shire clinics may be able to help you, please contact The Podiatry Centre today where one of our helpful staff can assist you. We are located conveniently next to Miranda train station on Gibbs Street with parking available out the front of the centre.