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Podiatrist in Caringbah and Miranda Area

Is a GP referral required if you need treatment by a podiatrist in Caringbah and Miranda area? The Podiatry Centre in Miranda can offer a full range of services. The Podiatry Centre has been servicing patients in these areas for more than 20 years and has a track record in treating private patients, diabetic patients, or people with a GP care plan. More recently, thanks to changes in the Medicare system some of our patients qualify for bulk billing. If you are experiencing foot problems and you need a podiatrist in Caringbah, Kirrawee, Miranda area then please ask your GP for a referral to the clinic. The Podiatry Centre receives patients from near and far and some of our clients live in the Cronulla area and make the journey to see our trusted podiatrists. Whether you have an in grown toenail or a painful corn, the podiatrists at The Podiatry Centre in Miranda have a proven track record in alleviating all of these conditions. We have loyal and long-standing patients who have been visiting us for more than 10 years.

Bio Mechanical Podiatrist in Caringbah/Miranda/Cronulla Area

Our podiatrists in Caringbah and Miranda areas have vast experience and tremendous outcomes when treating biomechanical conditions such as bunions or tendinitis. Our expert knowledge in footwear and orthotic therapy allows us to provide long-term solutions for painful foot conditions. The Sutherland shire is not short of experienced and exceptional healthcare practitioners, whether physiotherapists, sports doctors or podiatrists. The Podiatry Centre has great relationships with orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon’s and other important healthcare practitioners in the area. Therefore, if you require a podiatrist in Caringbah, Miranda, Cronulla or the Kirrawee area then there is no need to travel into the Sydney CBD to receive your professional care.

Podiatrist Caringbah Area Near Miranda

In addition to a podiatrist in Caringbah area, close to Miranda and Kirrawee there are also osteopaths physiotherapists and chiropractors in these key areas of the Sutherland Shire. Any bio mechanical problems that you may have between the foot and the lower back can be treated by these expert healthcare practitioners in these areas. The podiatrists at the Podiatry Centre in Miranda are committed to providing outcomes and will communicate with other healthcare practitioners in the area if necessary, in order to achieve optimal outcomes for patients with foot and leg pain

Podiatrist Caringbah Area / Miranda / Cronulla / Kirrawee – For Children

The podiatrists in Caringbah and Miranda area such as The Podiatry Centre, have vast experience in treating children with podiatry related conditions, and developmental issues with the feet. The practitioners regularly carry out biomechanical assessments for these children with developmental anomalies and who present to the clinic complaining of growing pains such as heel pain, shin pain and knee pain. The podiatrists regularly have specific shoes that they recommend to the children and for some of these patients they prescribe 3-D orthotics to replace the liners of their school shoes. The podiatrist are able to execute effective treatment plans to enable these children to walk pain-free and are able to assist in the management of the physical schooling activity and sporting activities. These children are monitored and reviewed at regular intervals and their progress is tracked and reported. Parents are invited to play an active role in this process and the podiatrist will communicate with them with an approachable and comfortable bedside manner.

If you are seeking a podiatrist in Caringbah / Miranda area then call The podiatry centre now on 9525 8446 or email admin@thepodiatrycentre.com.au for an appointment. Once again, no referral is required but the clinic does accept care plans and bulk billing where applicable.

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