Comprehensive biomechanical assessment – this is done my finding the angles and movements that occur within your body’s lower limb. By using a treadmill, video and computer software, we have live feedback to micro-analyse your movements.

Footwear investigation – it is very common to see people using the wrong sport shoes for their body. We keep upto date with the ever changing sport shoes from season to season, so we can always give you the most upto date information.

Understanding your lifestyle – whether you have just decided to begin a fitness program or have been an elite athlete for years. Our management is tailored to you particular needs and goals.

Referral – sometimes one person is not enough to provide the complete care you require. We will advise you if other specialties should be seen for complete care.

Tailored management– Your treatment will vary depending on the type of sport you play. We understand the different loads and stresses that occur with each sport, so your care is focused on how to manage those stresses in your sport.

If you don’t have pain, but still have an active lifestyle, you should consider seeing a podiatrist to find out more about your lower limb mechanics. Our knowledge and experience allows us to identify potential problems that may occur later in life or simply find ways of trying to improve our stride.

Sports podiatry refers to the prevention and treatment of pain in your lower limb caused by sports. The lower limb refers to the body from the hips and below. We appreciate everyone has different bodies, different lifestyles and different needs. In order to provide optimum management we treat you as a whole and pay close attention to the lower limb. When you develop an injury or have a persistent annoyance, we attempt to identify the sequence of events that are leading to it. We treat the cause not just the effect.