Sports Podiatrist Sutherland Shire
Sports Podiatry Sutherland Shire

Do you need a Podiatrist in Sutherland Shire?

The podiatry centre is a team of exceptional sports podiatrists, Sutherland Shire based, who have vast experience and can help with a variety of foot problems. The team regularly treats heel pain, shin splints knee pain and other biomechanical anomalies. If you are looking for a sports podiatrist in Sutherland Shire then look no further. The clinic has been established for over 20 years and achieves excellent results with all aspects of foot care.

Sports Podiatry Sutherland shire services can be secured at The Podiatry Centre with our online booking system or via the use of our contact form on the following website –

Alternatively you can call our helpful staff on 9525 8446 or email

Our Sutherland Shire Podiatrist Skin and Nail Care

Would you like to boast healthy skin and luxury toenails? Our team of podiatrists in the Sutherland Shire can perform the most up-to-date treatment for fungal nails using cold laser or keryflex. Routine skin care to remove corns and calluses is just an everyday part of what we do.

When it comes to Sports podiatry, Sutherland Shire area, our services include biomechanical examinations and treadmill assessments using digital software and the most states of the art equipment. If you would like to achieve a healthy walking habit and exercise regularly without pain or discomfort then you will benefit from our expert advice. We use 3D foot scanners in order to manufacture 3D printed lightweight orthotics which provide excellent control and support for those who like to remain active. Sports podiatry for Sutherland shire locals is a big part of what we do in addition to other treatments such as nail surgery and shock wave therapy.

Sports Podiatry Sutherland Shire Location

The sports podiatrists Sutherland Shire services can be received in Miranda. We are in suite 1 of number 18 Gibbs Street. And there is ample parking in the area. We are ground floor with disabled access and are close to Westfield shopping centre. Podiatry services can be claimed using health insurance and patients with a policy can claim on the spot using HICAPS system. We also accept GP referrals and if you receive a care plan then our registration with Medicare will allow you to claim on the spot. Bulk billing for our podiatry services is also available for certain clients.

In the Sutherland shire podiatrists are able to refer to a select few physio’s who understand biomechanics and foot related injuries. We also refer to an outstanding imaging centre just 100m from our door, where you will receive great care and accurate x Ray’s or ultra sounds , followed by some of the most detailed reports available. As sports podiatrists receiving these detailed reports is an integral part of our treatment plan. In the Sutherland shire our podiatrists won’t refer anywhere else and we value this long working professional relationship.

NDIS, Sports Podiatrist, Sutherland Shire – Miranda

Our sports podiatrist in the Sutherland Shire area are in the process of becoming approved and should be able to provide foot care to members of NDIS in the very near future (20/09/19). We are proud and excited to be able to help these members who benefit tremendously from footwear assessments and orthotic therapy. They will have access to our treadmill in our gait lab and will receive bio mechanical assessments as and when necessary. We offer deep tissue massage for those with tight muscles groups and we are able to recommend shoes or prescribe specific models of footwear for those who require new shoes.

If you need a sports podiatrist or general podiatrist, Sutherland Shire area, then feel free to contact us now.


The Podiatry Centre

Suite 1 / 18 Gibbs Sttreet


02 9525 8446


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