Golf Shoes

Recreational and professional golfers require correct foot function for the duration of the golf swing. With the feet being the foundation of your body it is important to ensure your foot alignment, balance and stability are working holistically with your body, in order to get you through the 18-holes and many kilometers of walking.

As much as Golf can improve cardiovascular health and stress, it can also cause painful callus, corns, and blisters which can hinder your balance and golf swing.

The cause of your foot pain could be related to biomechanical issues which may include over-pronation, where your feet roll in or supination where your feet roll out. By being out of your neutral alignment it could further exacerbate symptoms by pulling on ligaments and tendons causing strain, tears or overuse injuries.

Wearing correct golf shoes suitable for your feet will assist in improving functionality and provide adequate comfort. Choosing these correct shoes may be difficult, some key features we recommend are a shoe that is lightweight, one that has stability and durability and holds you in your neutral position.

Brands on the market today include:

  • FootJoy Tour S
  • Ecco Golf Biom Hybrid 3
  • Adidas Golf Adicross Bounce or Golf Tech Response
  • Nike Golf Roshe
  • Puma Ignite Power Adapt

Biomechanical related issues can be improved or prevented by using custom-made orthotics. Orthotic therapy is used to achieve optimal biomechanics by improving stability, functionality, and posture. The orthotic inserts can be transferred from shoe to shoe if you require them on a daily basis. Stabilizing the base of your body will assist in redistributing the rest of your body into the correct posture during the swing phase of gait.

Biomechanical related issues can also cause heel pain, Achilles tendonitis or neuromas. Therefore, incorrect biomechanics should be addressed to treat foot related injuries in order to initiate a treatment plan and allow adequate healing time.

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