How to Keep Nail Fungus Away

How to Keep Nail Fungus Away

The best way to fight nail fungus is to prevent it in the first place. Once the fungus gets under the nail it can be difficult to remove simply because of its location. The nail will turn a white or yellow colour and it may take prescription medication to destroy the fungus present. There are many who turn to a podiatrist in order to get proper treatment.

However, preventing the condition from occurring in the first place will save you a trip to the doctor or having to get medication to cure the condition. Here are a few tips to help keep your nails clean and clear of a fungus infection.

How to Prevent Nail Fungus from Occurring

While you may not be able to provide each toe or fingernail with 100% protection, you can go a long way towards creating an environment when the fungus will have a difficult time entering the nail.

Wash Your Feet Regularly: By keeping your feet properly washed and then drying them thoroughly, you can prevent fungus from taking hold. Fungus grows under moist conditions and drying your feet after washing them in soap and water will prevent the excess moisture from being present.

Cut the Nails Straight Across: You should keep your nails short and cut straight across so that the fungus has less of a chance to get underneath the nail. Longer nails allow for the fungus to initially take hold and then work its way underneath.

Wear Socks that Wick Away Sweat: Choose socks that pull the sweat away from your feet. Cotton socks are very effective materials that actually help keep your feet dry. Be sure to change your socks often and always have a fresh pair if you can.

Let your Feet Breathe: Sandals and open-toed shoes allow your feet to stay dry so that fungus will have a hard time growing. For the times when such footwear is appropriate, you should choose them for your feet. And if you can go barefoot, that can work for you as well.

Avoid being Barefoot in Public Places: The fungus has to come from somewhere and most people catch it when they are in public places, most common being wet areas such as showers and pools.  So, do not go barefoot in such places and have some anti-fungal powder or spray just in case.

Keep the Skin Around the Nails Intact: It may be tempting to pick at the itchy skin around the nails, but that is just creating an entrance for the fungus. So, use a nail file to safely trim away the excess skin while keeping the rest intact.

Avoid using pedicure salons: Alot of pedicure salons have poor hygiene and infection control practices. The only way to avoid spreading germs on instruments, is to sterilise them and pedicure salons do not normally do this. You can reduce the risk by asking the right questions and observing the pedicurist protocols at the salon.  Also taking your own instruments is advisable to have peace of mind.

What Happens when You Get Nail Fungus

Even when taking all the right precautions you still might contract fungus. You’ll notice a white or yellow colour to the nail at first. The sooner you can take action, the faster the fungus will be cleared away. There are over the counter products that you can use, however you might want to see a podiatrist to get specific advice and treatment options.

Nail fungus can be difficult to treat at times, but preventing the condition from occurring is generally much easier as you develop good habits to keep your feet clean and dry. A minute or two per day of cleaning can help prevent the fungus from ever entering the nail.


Vanessa Hadchiti