For releasing tight muscles and stiff joints, a foot massage goes a long way.

The benefits of Therapeutic Massage Therapy are profound and are becoming even more popular as their benefits are becoming more recognised. Therapeutic Massage Therapy can be used on its own or as part of another treatment. Below are some of the reasons why massage would be used:

  • Health maintenance and/or health promotion – Promotes general tissue health and encourages lifestyle and general health awareness
  • Stress management – Helps relieve associated muscular tension and encourages general relaxation
  • Post-operative care – Helps reduce recovery period and speeds up elimination of anaesthetic, as well as reducing pain and stiffness associated with bed-rest
  • Emotional and/or psychological disorders– Releases endorphins that help to uplift and reduce depression
  • Terminal illness – Helps reduce pain and discomfort associated with long term bed-rest as well as providing support and reducing the effects of emotional stress for the patient as well as the family
  • Chronic pain – Helps break the “pain – spasm” cycle whilst reducing associated muscle tightness
  • Care of the disabled – Provides emotional support as well as assisting in the maintenance of general tissue health
  • Pre and/or post-event sports’ participation – Improves performance and recovery and reduces the likelihood of serious injury.