Anel Kapur

B. M.Sc. (USyd, Sydney), & B. H.Sc. Podiatry (QUT, Brisbane)
Being a passionate soccer player himself and having a medical science degree in addition to a podiatry degree, Anel has a niche interest in podiatric sports medicine.
Anel joined The Podiatry Centre after graduating from the Queensland University of Technology with Honors in 2014. Having previously received a Bachelor of Medical Science degree from The University of Sydney, he opted to move away from a career in medicine to one in podiatry. He brings to the team a combination of medical and podiatric knowledge to ensure a complete approach to patient care. He has a passionate interest for vascular related foot problems, such as diabetes. Anel is often recognised by patients for his very gentle, professional and kind manner with them, building a very loyal relationship.

He has the experience of working in an orthotic laboratory honing skills on how an orthotic can be personalised behind the scenes. Being a committed soccer fan and former player, Anel has developed a passion for treating all types of sporting related musculoskeletal injuries, helping athletes return to sports and reach their peak performance. He currently coaches the Rovers Loftus Yarrawarrah football team, and enjoys the challenge of merging podiatry foot knowledge with football skills.