How does high blood pressure affect your feet ?


High blood pressure (referred to as hypertension) has become a very common medical condition affecting patients of all ages. Patients are often diagnosed by their doctor who may prescribe a number of treatments for reducing the blood pressure levels. This may include lifestyle changes and/or medication. Hypertension brings with it a number of potential health issues however most people tend to overlook the effect that blood pressure has on the lower limbs. Often, symptoms identified in the lower limbs by podiatrists may help the diagnosis of hypertension and thus should not be ignored. Read more

Mortons Neuroma

Neuroma’s are commonly occurring causes of foot discomfort and pain in people who perform extensive weight bearing activities such as sports or work. A neuromais a thickened bulge on the nerve branch which may be caused due to constant compression of the nerve involved. A neuroma that most podiatric patients present with is called Morton’s neuroma and occurs between the 3rd and 4th metatarsal bones in the foot. Patients will often describe an uncomfortable pain occurring between the bones in the ball of the foot which can be exacerbated when pressure is applied. The discomfort can become quite debilitating if left unattended.

What causes a Morton’s Neuroma to occur?

Morton’s neuroma is often caused by compression of the nerve in the foot. This compression can be caused by either structural abnormalities or certain behaviours.

Some common physical traits associated with increased risk of neuroma include:
– Bunions
– Hammertoes
Flat feet or highly mobile/flexible feet
– Genetic predisposition. Read more