Why Skecher Shoes are not Endorsed by Me.

Even if you do not own a pair of Skechers shoe, chances are you have heard of the brand or know someone who wears them. They have become a very popular style of shoe purporting to offer cushioning and comfort for wearers. Below are some of the most common reasons why they have garnered the support that they have:


· Lightweight flexible synthetic mesh upper with no stitching accommodates different shaped feet.


· Wide fitting style ensures that your little toe or bunion does not feel cramped against the material.


· Cushioned and lightweight thick memory foam, contours to your foot adds to the feeling of comfort. Read more

Heel Pain and Plantar Fasciitis. Part 1 – Introduction to Heel Pain

You either have heel pain or know someone that does, because it is very common. In fact, there are facebook pages and groups created for communities to discuss how their managing their heel pain and provide support to each other. It is the most commonly presented soft tissue pain to podiatrist, well at least for myself anyway. If you “Dr Google” this condition you will be overwhelmed by the number of treatments available and the testimonials from #1 best sellers guaranteed to treat heel pain or your money.  Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed single treatment for heel pain otherwise, every podiatrist would be utilising it. There are many medical treatments available as listed below

– Anti-inflammatories

– Rest

-Straping Read more

Does Medicare cover Podiatry Appointments?

In our podiatry clinic, we often have new patients who come for initial consultations and ask whether they can use their Medicare cards or whether we bulk bill consultations. The reality is, Podiatry as a speciality within the health sector is still developing and undergoing legislative changes. As such, the Medicare rebates are limited for Podiatry as they are for many other Allied Health professions.
Some patients are able to have a portion of their consultation fees subsidised through Medicare, if they have an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan referral from their doctor. Read more

Cracked Heels; More than just a Cosmetic Problem?

Cracked heels, often the bane of people’s existence and can cause people to hide their feet away from embarrassment. Whether from a personal perspective or comments made from others, cracked heels can impact on a person’s confidence and self-esteem, often opting to put into storage ones favourite pair of sandals. We all see commercials of model-esque feet and advertisements for various products that promise smooth, silky heels, however the truth of the matter is a little more complex than they would have you believe. Cracked heels can be caused by a myriad of different problems, some more serious than others. Some heel cracks (or fissures technically), do not cause any discomfort whilst others can become painful and infected if neglected long enough. So in short, yes, cracked heels are indeed more than just a cosmetic problem but to understand why, we need to delve a little bit deeper into the issue. Read more

How do I know if I have Osteoarthritis or Rhuematoid Arthritis in the Feet ?

A common question I receive from patients who present with joint pain is ‘Do you think I have arthritis?’ Whilst on some occasions the observation proves to be an accurate diagnosis, the use of the umbrella term ‘arthritis’ to describe joint related problems does not factor in the inherently different natures of the two most common forms of arthritis; osteoarthritic and rheumatoid.

This blog will focus on bringing to light some major differences between the two forms of arthritis and should in no way be taken as an exhaustive list. As with any other foot or lower limb related concern, specialist advice should be sought to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment is applied to the case in question. Read more

Avoid Painful Feet this Holiday Season with these Podiatry Tips

Your feet are vital. Not only do they carry the weight of your body and help you ambulate around, but they also help your joints function in a way that is most beneficial to your overall body health. So its easy to see how badly affected your life can be if your feet are painful and no time is this more obvious than during the holiday season. Heading into the shops for Christmas shopping can put considerable strain on your feet as you often can spend countless hours walking on unforgiving terrain, not to mention all of the additional weight bearing activities that need to be done to make sure everything is ready. Read more

Do You Have Pain at in the Ball of the Foot?

Have you ever experienced a soreness underneath the ball of your foot that was often hard to describe? Did the sensation feel like a burning hot press up along the inside of the bones of your foot? Has it left you hobbling or altered the way that you walk? If your answer is yes, then it is quite possible that you may have experienced an injury to an often overlooked structure called the ‘plantar plate’. In this blog, we will look at what makes this structure so vital to the functioning of the foot and how potential injuries can come about and what can be done about it. Read more

Wearing Heels Regularly? Every cm Matters.

The use of heels in an everyday setting has been a common trend amongst women for years. Work, social and personal requirements have all contributed to increasing use of high heels. Whilst most clinicians and most research all agree with consistent use as being detrimental to foot health, most people I see in a clinical setting do struggle to see the  effect that wearing heels often will have on their feet, they certainly can feel it. Read more