Foot Orthotics

Foot Orthotics

Foot orthotics are a special insole fitted in a shoe to modify the way you stand, walk or run. They provide support for the foot by re-distributing pressure and realigning foot joints. A great body of literature exists within the podiatry profession explaining how custom orthotics help people with foot problems as well as the impact they have on knee, hip, and spine conditions.  As such they are frequently used by athletes to relieve painful problems like shin splints or improve their stride and efficiency. Foot Orthotics can also be used to help with everyday pain like heel spurs, arch pain and bunions. They can also be used to reduce pressure that can lead to ulcers in people with diabetes. The application and benefits of custom orthotics are beyond the scope of this website, but to just a list a few:

  • Reduce pronation (“rolling-in”) ,
  • Improves foot posture
  • Increases proprioception of the feet,
  • Reduces strain on muscles and soft tissue,
  • Improves joint alignment,
  • Reduces abnormal joint loading of the lower limb,
  • Reduce risk of potential ageing problems like bunions and clawed toes,
  • Provide comfort in standing long hours,
  • Benefits lower limb and back alignment,
  • To aid in healing and rehabilitation of an injury and much much more.

At The Podiatry Centre, we believe that one type of orthotic is not fit for all.  So we do an assessment your feet, lifestyle and presenting problem and discuss which type best suits you.

There are off-the-shelf orthotics which are pre-made and fitted according to your shoe size and there is customised orthotics which are made from a 3D scan of your feet using the innovative state-of-art technology.

Custom orthotics can be made soft, hard or in-between

This depends on the type of footwear, activity, sport, expected usage and foot alignment. We make orthotics for different types of footwear such as work shoes, casual shoes, running shoes, football boots, orthopaedic shoes, ski boots, army boots and many more.  We make sure that you are satisfied with your orthotics and are able to use them comfortably. Our goal to keep you and your feet happy without compromising the results.